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This country is such a fucking joke. Did you know that if we were to divide the income in this country fairly it would be about 300,000 per person. That’s annually. You could give each person in this country 100,000 and still have enough to invest in infrastructure and research. Instead we have people who don’t have water, don’t have their basic human rights fulfilled, because they don’t have enough to pay a bill. 

Capitalism is inhumane.











Two dozen protesters from a gun club named after the founder of the Black Panther Party marched through the streets of South Dallas on Wednesday.
The open-carry rally was organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to promote self-defense and community policing in response to recent police shootings.
Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators, some of whom had rifles slung over their shoulders. As they walked down MLK Boulevard, many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager shot by police in suburban St. Louis.
At one point, the group stopped at Elaine’s Kitchen, and one of the organizers told those who were armed to display their weapons in a “safe, disciplined manner.”
An organizer who identified himself as Huey Freeman said they planned to patronize several South Dallas businesses to keep their money in the community and teach their neighbors about their “right to self-defense.”

I love Black militants. :)



I myself am thrilled to see pictures like this,for too long we have seen white people carrying their dam firearms, bravo bravo!

About time! This!! All of this!!!

this my city :)

Pisses me off when people assume all white people are racist & I have never carried a gun in public so don’t group me with other people just because they are white. Black power? Are you kidding me? How about equality. 

no shut the fuck up. See there is a difference between black power and white power. Black power is about empowering a group of people who are oppressed because of their blackness, not BLACK SUPERIORITY. The white power movement exists only to uphold a racial hierarchy in the world, with whites at the top. 



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YOU CAN BUILD UR OWN SCENE: Some guidelines.



reposting this to tumblr because its important: 

Some ideas and rules for building a strong and healthy music and art scene.

If you know who I am, cool, and if you don’t, I run the Rag Bag Bazaar, used to book the FIRST Alex P Keaton for a 1/2 year before it closed, booked APK Live for it’s first few months, was one of the founders of the Open House Arts Collective, artistic director of Oh! Fest, spent 4 years playing cello in Olenka and the Autumn Lovers and am now fronting So Young. I’ve toured across Canada in a couple bands, seen a lot of “scenes” and been around London a pretty long time. I have struggled following many of these rules, but I’d like to think I’m getting better at them. Being in a band, booking shows, and making art opens you up for a whole lotta emotion, and no one’s perfect, but here goes:

1) There is always strength in numbers. The more, the merrier. The rest of the rules will explain this one a bit. 

2) Go to each other’s events. Just go to them. Go to the “uncool” events, go see bands you haven’t heard of, go to venues you don’t always go to. It’s called give and take. And don’t just go, invite your friends! See rule #1

3) Connect with local artists. Introduce yourself, make a conscious effort to stay in touch, and support each other. Be friendly, not cliquey. (AKA make friends..) See rule #1

4) Speak up. When something happens in your scene you don’t agree or feel comfortable with, talk about it. Call people out when something shitty happens. If someone is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, violent, negative etc, do something about it. Confrontation can be helpful, gossip NEVER is. Maybe other people feel the same way, but you won’t know if you don’t speak up. (I’m following this rule RIGHT NOW!)

5) BE OPEN TO CRITICISM. You are not always right. You may be good hearted, but if someone is uncomfortable with something you have done, said, or made, be open to it. Do not respond with outrage. Just because you “didn’t mean to hurt anyone” doesn’t let you off the hook.

****I think #4 and #5 are particularly important to London. London tends to sweep things under the rug.. anything not-nice, or uncomfortable is just forgotten, until people don’t even know for sure if it even happened. Much like a repressed house wife from 1950, we don’t like to think that anything is wrong.. carry on, London! Nothing to see here!

6) Respect. Every reason someone plays music or makes art is valid. You might not like it, and it might not even be good, but these things are true: 1) If you don’t give someone a chance, they’ll never get to surprise you and 2) Your scene can never grow if different types of people and groups don’t respect each other’s right to be in the scene. See rule #1.

7) Infighting among bookers, promoters, bands, etc.. is basically useless. We are on the same team. There is enough room for all of us.  If someone got a grant, or a show, and you’re jealous.. that is a reflection on YOU and not them. Don’t weaken your scene by being jealous or slandering another group. We’re working in the arts, we have to stick together! See rule #4 if it’s more than jealousy, otherwise See rule #1

8) Diversify your audiences. When you’re planning an event, think about the different groups in London. Think about which groups of people you are representing and which groups are under represented. If women, people of colour or LGBTQ are being underrepresented, then do something about it. Make a concerted effort to reach out to these groups. Our scene will be more interesting and more inclusive as a result. See rule #1

9) Support your scene financially, if you can. Buy merch, buy art, pay cover and donate to important non-profits. This can also include eating at local cafes/restaurants, buying drinks at venues, etc. Keeping the money in London and in culture-makers’ hands is important.

10) Document. Take pictures, videos, write articles, blog, and talk about the events you go to! It seems weird, but the more you document the scene, the greater it will be. The more info there is about artists, bands, house shows and other awesome events.. the more exciting your scene will be!

11) Create your own culture. There are lots of people doing stuff, but there’s lots more we could all be doing. Have a house show, organize an art show, make a zine, start a band!

12) This will all take a long time. Which is why you need to start doing these things.

ADDENDUM! One more thing, if someone isn’t at your show or event… don’t be mad. Everyone has their own way of supporting or contributing to our scene. Some people don’t like crowds, have kids, have jobs, etc. You can support the scene just by talking about what’s going on, listening to local music, sharing links on facebook. It’s all a part of it. Have compassion for eachother! 

Our scene needs nurturing and the only way it can grow is through supporting each other. There is every different kind of scene imaginable right here in London… but no one wants to hang out with each other! Wtf? If you’ve got beef, get it off your chest, and if someone’s got beef with you, DEAL WITH IT like an adult.

xo paterson

I can’t agree with every word of this more. Ideas like this really need to be spread throughout, especially in the scene out here in lake county. Continue building and supporting, stand together.


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1) You’re empowering.
2) I like your voice.
3) You’re strong.
4) I think your ideas/beliefs matter.
5) I’m so happy you exist.
6) More people should be listening to what you have to say.
7) You’re a very warm hearted person.
8) It’s nice seeing such kindness.
9) You’re very down to earth.
10) You have a beautiful soul.
11) You inspire me to become a better person.
12) Our conversations bring me a lot of joy.
13) It’s good to see someone care so much.
14) You’re so understanding.
15) You matter a lot to me.
16) You’re important even if you don’t think so.
17) You’re intelligent.
18) Your passion is contagious.
19) Your confidence is refreshing.
20) You restore my faith in humanity.
21) You’re great at being creative.
22) You’re so talented at ____.
23) I don’t get tired of you the way I get tired of other people.
24) You have great taste in ___.
25) I’m happy I stayed alive long enough to meet you.
26) I wish more people were like you.
27) You’re so good at loving people."

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One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?



Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.



"Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."

Mandy Hale (via onlinecounsellingcollege)